Nikon DSLR Workshop in San Diego

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  • October 3, 2017

Welcome to my Nikon DSLR training workshop for Beginners. All skill levels welcome.

Photo Safari Dates :  Oct . 16 – Nov. 18 , 2017.  Meeting starts at 3pm
We meet at Old Town Living Room, 2541 San Diego Ave, San Diego, CA 92110. Website here

Workshop Fee: $ 175 per person. $ 300 for 2 people.

Shooting Locations : Old Town Historic Park, Spruce St. Bridge, Balboa Park, Coronado Island. We will go to Coronado Island via the Ferry boat. It will be a fun shooting day.

Requirements : This 5 hour DSLR basics workshop is for all Nikon APS-C & FX Camera owners ofD7200, D500, D700, D800, D750

Class description : This is both a technical and creative workshop. For the technical portion we will concentrate on exposure using the manual and the automatic settings ( Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, & Program Mode.
The creative portion we will focus on Rule of Thirds,Frame within a Frame, Leading Lines, and Angles. For lenses, just bring a basic kit lens, one telephoto, and one prime lens.

Final goal of this workshop : Today’s photo workshop, your photo assignment is to collect images for the San Diego Convention Bureau. That will mean you will be shooting color images in both horizontal and vertical format. You will shoot both wide angles images, medium shots, and telephoto. Subject matter is architecture, urban landscapes, people, seascapes, nature. For an idea what images you need to shoot. Visit the San Diego Convention Bureau site.

How does my Nikon photo workshop work :

I teach photography with a purpose. Even as a hobbyist or amateur photographer you have to decide first on what subject matter you want to shoot on a particular day. I have a lot of new students take my Nikon DSLR workshop to prepare themselves for a vacation to Europe or a major photo safari in Africa like Tanzania or Kenya.

So this is a rough outline of what our photo shooting day would look like.

First 2 hours – Technical lesson on the Triangle of Exposure Basics.
Creative lesson on mastering composition basics ( rule of thirds, angles, )

Next 2 hours – Shooting out on the field practicing the creative techniques. You will used both your kit lens ( or short zoom lens ), and your prime lens. You will learn more about shooting shallow depth of field shots with your prime lens ( portraits, macro etc. )

Last hour – We will talk about Lightroom basics ( importing, manipulating, and exporting images ). There will also be a critique of photos you have taken for this session.

This is a great Nikon DSLR for around $ 1,800
Nikon D750